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Below you will find a compilation of the most common questions . If you still have questions after reading through the FAQs, please send an email, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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How does Construct Index work?

Construct Index carefully vets and monitors all companies to ensure they are operating in the commercial sector and have the necessary insurance and experience. Companies must provide ample evidence of their qualifications, and those that do not meet our standards may not be approved. Our comprehensive database is created by collecting detailed information through an application form. Feel free to contact as many companies as you need to find the best match for your needs. However, we always recommend conducting your own due diligence when making a final selection.

Is there a charge for using this service? 

Construct Index is a free, online directory designed to help professionals find the right service provider for their project. We encourage you to leave feedback after the work has been completed. If a company receives negative reviews and is found to be providing subpar service, we will remove them from the directory to maintain its reliability. This helps us continuously improve our service to you. We do offer sponsored listings, so if this is of interest, then please get in touch. 

How do I leave reviews or testimonials? 

Please click on the review button on the companies profile. We will then ask you to fill out a form.  Writing reviews and leaving testimonials creates a rich data set on each company which can improve the reliability of the service and ensure companies are trading to the highest of standards. To maintain the accuracy of our reviews, we follow up with the user who leave less positive feedback to validate their experience with the company. 

How can my company join the page? 

Please contact us via the Contact page. We will contact you and send you a form to submit back to us. Please ensure you accurately fill out the forms, as any inconsistencies or lack of information will deem the application invalid. We will also ask you to send proof of accreditations and insurances. Construct Index also ask for case studies. 

Why do we ask for Case Studies? 

Case studies are important in the construction industry because they provide real-life examples of a company's capabilities, expertise, and track record. They help potential clients understand how a company has solved similar problems to those they may be facing, and the results they can expect if they choose that company for their project. In addition, case studies can also serve as a valuable marketing tool, showcasing a company's portfolio of work to potential clients and differentiating it from its competitors.

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